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Federico Ferrandina is an Italian music artist: composer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer. Born in a family of classical musicians, such a heritage always got paired with an irrepressible hunger for non-classical musical galaxies and for non-musical disciplines like literature, modern dance and sociology.
This wide constellation shaped his unique and yet multi-layered grammar of sound, where classical instruments are surrounded by a contemporary arsenal of synthesizers, drones and drum machines with the light touch of counterpointal writing and tridimensional harmonies. He’s been able to team up with artists of all kinds (pop songwriters, jazz big bands, electronic music producers, rock bands, rappers, choreographers and filmmakers). His production gained attention in the entertainment industry, and many of his works are currently part of some of the major movies and tv shows soundtracks, such as the multi-oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club or productions like Netflix and HBO series.

In 2017 he founded a strings orchestra in his hometown Matera, which records and performs original music in an ancient theatre carved in the stone and acoustically treated in order to get recordings that sound like nothing else.
He just released his first solo album for French label Another Music Records, an unconventional and genre-defining work that displays his musical language and his forward-thinking conceptions of sound.



New Album

“Ferrandina’s music is at once sharp as a dagger and quiet as a gathering storm.”

Noel Maurice on IndieBerlin

“Ferrandina finds inspiration in shadow play, the spaces absence of light […] he instinctively
conjured up shadows.”

Charlie Latan

“Federico is a brilliant composer, songwriter and producer that has delivered picture
enhancing music every single time I have ever called upon him to do so. Presenting his
music to directors and producers has been met with approvals and ultimately placements
every single time. Federico’s sensibilities for films and media are strong and are matched by
his emotional compositions, high level production and consummate artistry.”

TImothy Andrew Edwards, Music Supervisor and Creative Director Move Music LLC